Apply IoT to your business

There are many advantages of IoT and when cleverly applied, it tangibly improves efficiency and profitability in business activities. Our products and services are mainly focused on monitoring and control, logistics planning, preventive maintenance, and compliance.




27 brand new buses will be operated at their brand new bus depot in Gislaved. Each bus is equiped with a gas heater and an electric compartment heating fan located above the drivers head. Utilizing a VIVA Fleet Beebox and a Weebox 230, The VIVA Fleet system controls each heater individually to optimize the heating model for each indiviadual bus, every single day.


In adition to huge savings on energy costs and a hefty reduction in CO2 emissions, Vårgårdabuss also gets a nifty little battery charge monitor to follow the life cycle of the vehicles batteries.

  • traffic management system integration
  • heat management and energy cost control

AD Butik

Local AD stores supply spare parts and vehicle fluids to car workshops in their district. A customer service concept has been developed for the order management of lubricants with the Replenisher system. AD stores offer existing and new customers monitoring and automatic re-ordering of lubricant products using the Replenisher wireless sensor system and the order management functionality that comes with it. As the AD store staff takes over monitoring and dispatch decisions for replenishment, the customers are left with more time to focus on their core activities.


Moreover, the AD store staff has gained a better understanding for each customers consumption patterns. All in all the Replenisher system stands for less time spent on monitoring, better customer service, and an excellent planning tool for order dispatches.


GA Lindberg Chemtech

GA Lindberg is a major distributor of adhesives and lubricants. They mainly supply to the manufacturing industry, among them Microprecision in Kungsängen outside Stockholm. Microprecision is a contract manufacurer of high precision parts and assemblies and they use Mobil Oil to lubricate their machinery. It is of importance to Microprecision to have full control of its stock of lubricants, never to run out of any specific lubricant and at the same time not over stock. Products used over multiple points-of-consumption poses a challenge to just-in-time deliveris as forecasting over multiple cunsumption rates at different points can be mathematically difficult. Replenisher ETE calculation for multi-POC´s solves for this so that forecasting for central warehousing for these products can be done accurately.


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