About Edgemind

Edgemind is a young and innovative start-up in the business of developing and marketing clever IoT-solutions for professional use. The common denominators for the solutions we develop are that they bring real added value and increase profitability in our customers businesses.

The company is made up of a group of entrepreneurs that possess a rich knowledge capital through years of experience from leading roles in market leading companies, in a number of different branches of industry.

When developing our solutions, services and business models, we use a plastic work approach to concept realization, using cross-functional teams. Creating should be fun, and a learning experience! The results are rapidly realized solutions with business sense in focus.

Edgemind Applied IoT AB´s offices are located in Falun, Sweden. The magic happens in Falun and in Edinburgh, UK.

We add intelligence and free up resources by connecting your assets

Privacy and GDPR

We care about your privacy. That is why we have adopted a privacy policy that applies to all situations when we process personal data. The policy´s objective is to make sure that all our customers and suppliers employees, for whom we need to collect and process personal data, may be certain that the data is processed compliant to applicable data processing law.

Vi månar om din integritet. Därför har vi antagit en integritetspolicy som gäller för all vår personuppgiftshantering. Policyn syftar till att säkerställa att våra kunders och leverantörers anställda som vi behöver lagra uppgifter kring ska kunna känna sig säkra på att uppgifterna hanteras enligt gällande dataskyddslagstiftning.

Download our privacy policy in swedish or in english