A unique order-management system for stocks of fluids, such as lubricants and chemical products, in 200-liter plastic and metal drums as well as IBC containers. The system consists of wireless optical sensor units for placement on the drums or the containers as well as web applications for administration and control.

The Viva replenisher system is an intelligent solution where consumers and suppliers receive real-time information about status and level changes.  The system is also a valuable tool that facilitates just-in-time deliveries as it predicts when replenishment needs to happen by continous forecasting. The information is comprehencibly visualized in the user apps and informs the suppliers order managemant process.

The supplier uses the system as a channel for order reception, either by manually transferring the information that the system provides into the suppliers order system, or by integrating the replenisher system directly into the order system for a fully automated solution.

The consumer of the fluids can control the flow by choosing whether orders should be automated or individually approved before the order is placed. Regardless of how one choose to work with the system, it creates a more efficient flow of just-in-time deliveries, and frees up resources otherwise tied to stock monitoring and order management.

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A unique order-management system for fluid stock

VIVA replenisher adds intelligence to your business
  • Facilitates just-in-time deliveries
  • Visualises stock and consumtion
  • Supports planning and logistics